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Relax, rejuvinate, rediscover your male energy.
Art of Touch
Discover a new dimension in your personal growth, male sexuality and ethos.
Let go and connect to your authentic self and others.

Bodywork for Men


Bodywork for men wants you to enjoy being a man and revel in the body you were created with. We welcome men of all sexual orientations who are looking to feel more at home in their bodies - men with intention to connect their mind, their body, and their spirit.

Sportsmen, erotic explorers, survivors of abuse and men in recovery from addictions looking to reconnect to their body find this work especially helpful. Your age, body type and looks are not important to us. Many men with body image concerns find this work to be a transforming experience. Our intention is to honor you exactly as you are. Your age or looks are not relevant.

Our clients

Our clients range in age from eighteen to their seventies. Any male eighteen or older is welcome. The sexual orientation of a client is not relevant. We have many clients who do not identify as being attracted to other men, but crave the touch of a strong masculine man. Our work is about male energy. We believe that all people have male energy. Our work is focused on persons who identify as male. Male energy is very fluid and not at all related to anatomy. We welcome anyone who identifies as male or wishes to explore masculine energy.

Events, workshops and retreats for men

We offer a series of events, workshops and retreats for all men. The Art of Touch series comprise of a number of progressive events, workshops and retreats designed to progressively become more in touch with your masculinity through body, heart and soul.  Aqua~Bliss for Men combines music, movement and suspension in water where we connect to our authentic self, others and the world outside – letting go of the outside world and labels, we learn to trust and celebrate maleness.

For more information about these workshops and events, please visit the Workshops4men website or use one of the links below.

Please note

The content of Bodywork for men web site is meant to inform and enrich and here may be occasional images depicting male nudity. If this offends you or you are younger than eighteen, please leave this site now.