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How are your feeling right now? If you' are like most men, you will answer with "Fine". Really? Are you really fine or are you just not aware of how you are feeling? Massage has a wonderful way of helping you really relax and feel refreshed, invigorated and renewed. Then you really will feel fine!

It is so easy to get stuck in a vicious and unrewarding cycle. Our day to day life may get things done, but it does not feed our soul. We end up exhausted and drained, and then repeat the same process every day. We know this cycle well - we have been there (Sometimes we feel ans if we are still there.) We have found that a solution is to simply be present in our body, not to occupy our busy mind with all our to do's; but rather to simply relax and receive.

Our bodies hold tension in the muscles. A massage helps your relax and let go of all the tension. Most of the time, we do not even realize how much tension there is until after getting a massage. Come experience how a short time receiving a massage can completely change your outlook!

Massage is an amazing way to ground yourself and become present to your body. By learning to let go and simply receive the touch we can relax, reduce stress and reconnect with our body. Massage can include many different techniques and can also include both relaxing therapeutic and erotic elements. A sensual massage that honors the entire body is a wonderful way to let go. We take pride on weaving both elements throughout to involve your entire body without becoming overly sexual.


Because full body massage utilises long flowing connecting movements over the whole length of the body the client should feel at ease with being naked. However this is totally up to the client.

Please take a warm bath or shower before coming to your appointment. Apart from obvious reasons of hygiene, this will relax the muscles and help you feel more receptive to the massage. It will also eliminate the possibility of any reaction between the aromatherapy oils and deodorants or perfumes.

Please note: this is a professional service and NOT a sexual service.

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