Our pricing and fees for in-person work are based on the length of the session. We do not charge different rates for different kinds of massages. We do this because we strongly believe in the spiritual and healing nature of my work and we want to differentiate our work from traditional, spiritually lacking, sex for hire services. It also allows us to be more flexible in defining what we do during a session without concerning ourselves with any differences in fees. **We have an annual price increase every 1st of March.

Sport (deep tissue) or relaxing massage

  • 90 minutes, R700.00 (R750 - incl. body wash)
  • 60 minutes, R600.00 (R650 - incl. body wash)
  • 30 minutes, R400.00 (R450 - incl. body wash)

Sensual (not sexual) massage

  • 90 minutes, R750.00 (R800 - incl. body wash)
  • 60 minutes, R650.00 (R700 - incl. body wash)

MOM (Multi Orgasmic Man) Experience - read more

  • South Africans
    120 minutes, R1800.00 (incl. body wash) concession for South Africans
    90 minutes, R1400.00 (incl. body wash) concession for South Africans
  • Non South Africans
    120 minutes, €120 or US$130 (incl. body wash) (we do accept  € and US$ in Cash)
    90 minutes, €100 or US$110 (incl. body wash) (we do accept  € and US$ in Cash)

4 Hands massage

  • One person and two masseurs massaging simultaneously
    90 minutes, R1500.00 - incl. body wash
    60 minutes, R1000.00 - incl. body wash

Couples/Friends Massage

  • Two masseurs and two clients in one room simultaneously
    90 minutes, R1600.00 (R1700 - incl. body wash)
    60 minutes, R1200.00 (R1300 - incl. body wash)

Other Services

TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) read more

  • 60 minutes R600.00 - individual

Other Coaching session (Cord-cutting ritual, self-love or meditation)

  • 60 minutes, R600.00 - individual

Lingam Massage Training - learn more

  • Training for men and / or women that wants to learn how to treat a man
    Private 1-on-1 Lingam workshop / training, R1700.00 (model included)
    Private 1-on-1 Lingam workshop / training, R1400.00 (model not included)

Comfort Course 4 Couples - learn more

  • Working as couple (2 men or hetero couple) or throuple (3 men or 2 men and 1 woman) together privately under guidance of Coach Johan.
    Module 1 - Intimacy
    Module 2 - Communication
    Module 3 - Kink
    Module 4 - Toys
    ** Since the course is structured to specific needs, ask me about the package deal.

Events / Workshops / Retreats

Male Grooming / Waxing

** All prices valid till end February 2025

Working Hours

Our working hours are as follows and
are by appointment only:

Monday to Friday

07:00 - 19:00
(last client to arrive at 17:00)
Saturday 08:00 - 17:00
Sunday Closed


Payment Methods

We accept cash (ZAR, US$, £, €) and debit/credit cards. Regrettably we do not accept American Express or Diner's Club.