Male Menopause

Male menopause - the difficult diagnosis

Many men suffer in silence through symptoms of depression, low libido, fatigue and irritability are most bothersome and disruptive to their work and home life. The word is slowly seeping into male circles that there is reason to break the silence and seek assistance in order to feel relief from these symptoms.

The diagnosis is not easy to make as the symptoms mimic other conditions such as diabetes, depression and others. The treatment choices are not easy to make but the rewards of knowing what is wrong and achieving improvement can be priceless.

The symptoms are such that men know something is wrong. They usually are either embarrassed to find out what the cause could be or they are lead to believe that their symptoms are psychological and may be referred to a therapist or marriage counseling. The real culprit could very well be male menopause.

The correct diagnosis requires that the male open up and reveal all of the symptoms that he is experiencing as well as to submit himself to having blood tests and a physical exam that will reveal the low testosterone level. It is important for an accurate medical history to be accessed by the health care provider as well as a complete list of symptoms. The physical exam and laboratory tests will rule out other causes for the symptoms.

More males are becoming aware of the importance of seeking answers for these issues instead of suffering from a decline in performance, poor work evaluations and relationship problems all repercussions from their symptoms. It has been estimated that between there may be as much as five million men suffering from low testosterone with only five percent of them receiving treatment. That means there are a lot of suffering men and relationships out there.

Usually what happens is that the spouse or partner encourages the male to seek answers because of how the symptoms can affect their relationship. Symptoms that are allowed to progress may really interfere with work and home to the extent that work function can suffer to the extent that losing a job is possible. Relationships can suffer to the point of divorce. Male menopause can lead to serious consequences when the symptoms are not taken seriously or when a misdiagnosis takes place.

Now that more information is available and the medical community understands better now about male menopause, the male population needs to be educated regarding how male menopause can affect them and what the options regarding diagnosis and treatment are. Receiving the correct diagnosis can make a big difference in the quality of life for all involved.

The difficulties of diagnosing male menopause can be avoided by being educated, a well-informed public and empowering men to be proactive when it comes to health issues.

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