Let your passion drive you

Imaging living your life where you get to fully express your passion everyday, a life where your work, your life and your passions are completely in alignment.

Everyone faces challenges throughout life. Many men, however, learn that we are supposed to keep our emotions and fears inside and not ask for help. Coaching is a powerful alliance to help you explore who you really are and live the life that you truly want. In particular, gay and queer men learn to view the world through the filter of a straight culture. Many of them learn to blend in and not express their true selves. In fact, it is not unusual not to know who they really are. Working with a coach you can learn how to stand tall in the confidence of being your true and genuine self.

Coaching, unlike therapy, assumes that you are just fine the way you are. It is not about fixing you or making you into someone that you are not. Rather, coaching can help you see yourself in a new way and learn to get out of your own way. Contact us to set up a session and experience what coaching is about. Coaching is usually done over the phone or Skype, so we can establish a coaching relationship wherever you live.