What is Edging?

Why edging?

Imagine that terrific, but oh-so-brief, moment of orgasm lasting longer and longer and being a place you can return to numerous times in one session of masturbation. We have been there. We have climbed those peaks and the view is great. But to get there, we have to study the trail guide (spend a bit of time learning more about our anatomy) and put in plenty of practice.

Most of us learned the (wrong) tools of the trade as youngsters and we most likely brought up in homes where sex and sexuality were never discussed. We were thus left to our own devices and end up learning techniques that are haunting us to this day, denying us of the incredible sensual feelings that can be achieved by proper methods.

You know the story - masturbating as youngsters we had to hurry, just in case we were found out. We learned to be quick and quiet. For some of us, this habit carried into adulthood, resulting in most men not being able to endure more than three minutes of stimulation before we ejaculate. Note that we do not say "before we climax" as ejaculate is what most men do, and what most men see as the pinnacle of the mountain. Ejaculating is like camping out at the base camp of Everst, thinking and believing that you have reached the summit!

Edging provides an opportunity to expand the pleasure. We can transform erotic pleasure from a few minutes to as long as we like! To begin with edging, the most important part is to go slow! Most of us are used to a pretty fast stroke to get an erection. A fast stroke will bring a lot of erotic energy into the genitals very quickly and most likely you will get hard quickly too. However, so much energy is concentrated in the genitals that often you will ejaculate quickly too. What could have been an amazing experience is lost not only for you but also for your partner.

Edging is about getting close to that point of ejaculatory inevitability — that place where we are going to shoot, and nothing will stop it. Just before that point is a place of amazing pleasure. Edging is about learning how to recognize that point of ejaculatory inevitability in your body. We have heard some people refer to edging as controlling your ejaculation. We really do not like the term "control". When we try to control something we are focused on that task and it becomes mechanical. We do not believe that we can control and enjoy at the same time. It takes a while to recognize the signs of ejaculatory inevitability but once we are familiar with how we respond we can learn to ride the waves of pleasure rather than try to control them.

The key to edging is to relax.

Most of us are used to building excitement until we ejaculate. This excitement is often accompanied with holding our breath and tensing our muscles. This urge to ejaculate is part of male nature, not only for human beings, but also for animals. Shooting our load provides a sense of achievement as it represents the urge to produce offspring and allow the species to survive. However, unlike animals, the human being was created with the ability to enjoy sex and not just to procreate. This requires us to learn to move forward the moment of ejaculation, and precede is with the immense feelings of orgasm. I we have found that the first fifteen to twenty minutes of genital stimulation are critical to getting into what we will call an erotic trance.

During these first few minutes the body is flooded with endorphins, resulting in an almost out of body experience. The usual reaction to this rush of endorphins is to reach ejaculation. During this first few minutes, feel free to touch your genital area to experience the pleasure.You then also need to touch all other reachable parts of your body for pleasure. Do not focus on getting an erection and ejaculating. It may be even advisable not to have an erection at all when doing the edging exercises. Many men can testify that they have achieved many orgasms without erections and without ejaculation.

How is this achieved?

The success is in realizing when the moment before you ejaculate arrives. If necessary, stop all manual stimulation and allow your body to respond and relay to you the sensations it experiences. Once the urge has subsided, start again slowly. This will require exercise and above all, patience. The rewards are quite incredible.

Once you have experienced full body orgasms, by all means continue, ejaculate and most likely have a simultaneous orgasm, and enjoy the experience.

This is all well and good to know about it. Learn more about your body and practice the skills required...